Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jharkhand Government E Ration Card

Currently I come to know about that Jharkhand Government E ration card, that's why I am writing about this article.

Because it is little bit difficult to find out the website for getting e ration card provided by Jharkhand government for any person any district with old ration card list.

Here is the website which will give you information about your e ration card:-

Click on the above link which will lead you to go to the website or web portal but if you want to find out any personal e ration card then you have to do a little thing just make click on "Your District Name".

Then a new page will open now click on "FILTER SEARCH REPORT".

Which will lead you to go to the a new webpage which is given below:-

Now click on the above webpage to print any personal e ration card of any district of Jharkhand.

Hopefully this article will help you to get your e ration card!!

I have putted all steps on the above that's why any one can use this website to find out Ration Card, thanks for visiting this website.

For further information you can give comments with your queries.


  1. Thanks for add valuable information here!

  2. the link of the page you mentioned was not found...ny changes in the site please update!!

  3. Thanks for informing me the issue, I will fix it @Amupana

  4. Thanks for informing me


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